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Microarray, Bioinformatics and Systems Biology for Discovery of Gene and Protein Biomarkers


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GenProMarkersTM Inc. is a leading biotechnology company that conducts research and development and provides unique, cutting-edge, affordable, and satisfying products and services for biomedical research entities, clinical diagnostic laboratories, and pharmaceutical companies to advance their basic and translational research programs and projects.  As the GenProMarkers logo indicates, the company provides customers with high quality microarrays, assists in microarray profiling of the copy numbers of DNA and/or RNA in cells, offers project-related bioinformatitcs and systems biology analyses of microarray data, and identifies gene and protein biomarkers in relationship to biochemical pathways, molecular networks, and drug targets.  Our customers provide cell, tissue or RNA samples to us and, for most cases in less than 4 weeks, receive the results that are useful directly for publications and grant applications.  Our top priority is to assist our customers in making a scientific discovery.

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